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Improve Sensitivity and Specificity of Peak Calling, and Identify Consensus Regions

MSPC uses combined evidence from replicated experiments to evaluate peak calling output, rescuing peaks, and reduce false positives. It takes any number of replicates as input and improves sensitivity and specificity of peak calling on each, and identifies consensus regions between the input samples.

Accounts for the Differences Between Biological and Technical Replicates

A higher degree of similarity is expected between technical replicates compared to biological replicates, where the differences between biological replicates represent true biological variability while the differences between technical replicates are predominantly artifactual bindings or signal noise. MSPC accounts for such characteristics when evaluating binding sites.

Supports Any Number of Replicates

Designed ground-up to efficiently process any number of replicated experiments.

Bulk and Single-cell

MSPC can be applied to data at both bulk and single-cell resoloutions

Reliable and Performant

Reliable, with 98% code-coverage, and performant that seamlessly scales to hundreds of thousands of input on a standard personal computer